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EXPRESS LAB OPTION: The Enhance Protocol® requires completing an extensive panel of lab work but many primary care providers are hesitant to order the panel because they worry what it may cost the patient for tests that are not covered by insurance. The entire panel of lab work can cost as much as $5,000 without insurance coverage. Our clients also sometimes get frustrated waiting to get an appointment with their provider only to be told he or she is hesitant to order the panel. To remove guesswork about coverage and expedite the process (you could get your blood draw within 1-2 business days), we have arranged rock-bottom pricing with a national provider of lab work (at cost, no markups). We strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. IMPORTANT: If you have completed lab work through the ReCODE Protocol and Report, no additional labs are needed - so do NOT select the EXPRESS LAB OPTION in that case.

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • A dedicated memory coach
  •  An extensive health history review
  •  Baseline cognitive testing
  •  An extensive panel of lab work at cost
    (If you have completed lab work through the ReCODE Protocol and Report, no additional labs are needed.)
  • Review of your lab work and personalized written treatment plan
  •  Personalized daily checklist
  •  Access to a library of content
  •  Training for your care partners
  •  Quarterly re-evaluations
  •  Integrative medicine analysis
  •  Guidance re: other alternative therapies
  •  Take your first step to COGNITIVE freedom. Sign up today!
"Eric is a tremendous resource for families and care givers who are struggling with one of the most difficult end of life issues for a loved one. I recommend him without reservation. And, I hope that you make it possible for other families to benefit from his knowledge, wisdom and caring support. "
Debra A.
"I greatly appreciate Eric and his expertise. He is an excellent listener and has a very patient way of getting those afflicted with dementia to provide more information than most of us. He is insightful, offering suggestions for ways to understand the behaviors of these same individuals and ways we might modify our behaviors to create better outcomes. He has years of experience running a memory care facility and has seen far more than most of us. I appreciate Eric as a resource for me and my clients."

- Dee C. Idaho

Our Guarantee To You*

Unsatisfied during the first quarter enrollment period? We will refund your entire $1497 enrollment fee. The $750 (plus any credit card processing fees) lab fee is non-refundable once the lab work has been completed.

Cancel at any time in quarter two and beyond and we will prorate and refund the remaining fee for the quarter. 

*See Terms of Enrollment for full details

ReVERSE Clients

Have you subscribed to the month ReVERSE service through Dr. Bredesen’s online service? Great! Our medical director is a Trained ReCODE Practitioner and can help you to complete your labs, obtain a ReCODE Report, and help you prioritize all recommended interventions.

Call 877-247-3757 to get a coupon code that will discount your Enhance Protocol coaching service by $225.

ReCODE Clients

Are you a one-time, ReCODE Report customer through Dr. Bredesen’s online service? Great! Our medical director is a Trained ReCODE Practitioner and can help you prioritize interventions, apply epigenetic guidance to reduce and address risk factors, rank supplement priority, and coordinate your Alzheimer’s disease prevention strategies through weekly coaching calls.

NOTE: Do not purchase lab work if you have purchased a ReCODE Report.

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Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.
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